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School Policies

Children are expected to reach school by 8:45AM. The school gate will close sharp by 9:00 AM and thereafter no child shall be allowed in except for genuine cases. This is of special importance for the safety of children.

No child suffering from contagious or infectious disease will be allowed to attend the class.

Parents must mention in the school diary the amount and purpose if they wish to give cash to their child in case of emergencies or for purchasing coupons, failure to do so will be considered a breach of school rules. So, the parents are requested to collect coupons for snacks and lunch in advance from the school.

Transport facilities are available to certain areas. The use of school transport is not a right and the school does not offer the same as a commitment. Parents who are not satisfied with the school transport can make their own arrangements.

Every student is expected to attend the school regularly. In case of any holidays, they will not be permitted to extend their holidays beyond those listed in the activity planner and also the Parents/Guardians should take the prior permission of the Principal with an application addressed to the Grade Mentor.

Students should have minimum 75% attendance in each term. Only then, she/he will be permitted to appear for the Terminal/Annual Examinations. Students must not be absent for any exams or assessments.

Besides periodic circulars that are sent to parents to keep them updated of the school programmes, the school diary serves as a regular channel of communication. We earnestly request the parents to check the diary everyday and acknowledge all notes from the teachers.

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