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The Finest Coalescence of Academics and Extra-curricular Activities

Significance of athletics in schools cannot be overlooked. Sports and games play a very vital role in character building. Academic learning and Sports education complement each other. RIMS upholds it as a key element in its curriculum.


The lifestyle that the students of this era are exposed to demand a lot from them both physically and emotionally. They need to be taught how to channelize their energy, strike a balance and master their emotions. In this regard the multifaceted benefits of yoga is recognized by RIMS as ideal to sharpen memory, encourage self-care, increase focus and concentration and so much more.


Discipline, self-confidence, dedication are all factors that are the need of the hour. The systematic training of martial arts become instrumental in honing all the desired traits in young children that go on to become the solid foundation on which their lives are based. Hence training in karate is provided at a very young age by trained professionals.


Robotics was introduced four years ago taking into consideration all its benefits like fostering creative thinking, perseverance, teamwork and a lot more through fun and involvement. It has proven to be a wise move, as it has done wonders for our children. The robotics lab at RIMS witnesses an effortless teamwork culture that can go a long way.


The best way to teach something to youngsters is to inculcate it. Boys and their love for football cannot be overlooked. Professional coaching in football is provided to teach them the rules of the game. Coaching helps them abide and adhere to the instructions and acquire discipline and emotional temperance in addition to hand-eye coordination, speed and agility.


Regular exercise fine tunes cognitive function in children and if that routine is fun filled the results are double fold. Students of RIMS are coached in roller skating by professionals. The sense of accomplishment that students get from the skating rink boosts their self-esteem and confidence.


The virtues associated with sportsmanship such as fairness, self-control, courage, and persistence are qualities that should be instilled young. Since children are naturally inclined towards sports and games it can be done with ease. The Annual Sports Meet is a much-awaited event at RIMS. Eminent personalities in the field inaugurate the event and interact with the children who are geared up to prove their prowess on the track and field. As the day unfolds you can’t but be overwhelmed by the display of strength, agility, pride and enthusiasm.

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